I’ve signed my first copy.

What a rewarding week this has been. The final steps of publication have been completed through WestBow. I’ve ordered books so that I can deliver signed copies. Two book signings are in the planning stages. This blog is now set up to take PayPal and credit card orders. Whew.

I was greeted at school on Friday by a colleague whose son had purchased the hard-cover copy through Amazon and already received it. She held it out and asked me if I would sign it. Of course, I did. And I  think that I floated through most of the day.

Thanks, Josh D. and everyone else who has been so supportive.

Ready to pre-order your signed copy to be shipped by September 18?

Click on the appropriate page in the directory (black bar) above. Insert your order and payment information. Place your order. On the receipt from the PayPal page, write the name that you would like on the signed copy. Easy!

Thanks so much,

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Three years in the making but finally almost here.

I really can’t believe that it has taken so long. When I began writing, I had no idea that three years would be history before this monumental task would reach completion.
I have many to thank:
Josh, for making me realize I wanted to write
Earl, for first telling me that I could write
Gloria, Linda, Ellen, Sherry, Carol and Laura, for critiquing as I wrote
Mark, for encouraging me through the down times of writing
family and friends for their joy at the product of my writing
and much to be grateful for:
Andy, a graphic artist who went to great lengths to help me have the cover I wanted
Ryan at WestBow, who answered countless questions and helped in numerous ways.
I’ve learned so much.
Perseverence is a must in anything worthwhile.
Patience goes a long way in handling difficult people and circumstances.
Inspiration comes in marvelous ways and unusual places.
And most of all,
God is in control.

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